Introduction - The Investigation

My name is Paul Henry Golding; I am a resident of the Laurel Springs Retirement Village in Nambour Queensland.

Since early October 2018, I have been investigating the financial mismanagement of the Laurel Springs Retirement Village by the scheme operators, including repeated unlawful fee increases, repeated misuse of village funds, repeated forgery of declarations pages in Financial Statements, blatantly false information in Financial Statements, frequent misleading and deceptive conduct toward residents, sham voting at AGM's, and numerous contraventions of the Retirement Villages Act.

I have also been investigating the mismanagement of the building of a village extension by the scheme operators, including willful and unlawful environmental damage, false information in an approval application document and numerous serious breaches of development approval conditions, and defrauding an elderly couple who bought a new unit.

In November 2018, I made a written complaint to the regulator of the Retirement Villages Act, the Regulatory Services Unit of the Department of Housing and Public Works. The Act is intended to protect the consumer rights of retirement village residents. but, because it is not being adequately enforced, the scheme operators are able to blatantly break the law and treat residents with contempt. I have made three complaints to the previous Minister responsible but, each time, his response resulted in a useless letter from the Department.

Also in November 2018, I filed an application with QCAT, seeking to have my contract rescinded because the scheme operators provided false information, in the purchase documents, about how our fees would be increased, and misleading information about the financial viability of the village. My application was dismissed, in controversial circumstances, but that decision was set aside on appeal in October 2020. The contract was not rescinded, but the Appeal Tribunal declared that the scheme operators must comply with the contract term relating to fee increases.

In defiance of the finding and declaration of the law regarding our contracts, by the QCAT Appeal Tribunal, the scheme operators continue to charge other residents unlawfully increased monthly fees. I now represent 12 residents of Laurel Springs in a group application to QCAT, to achieve for them the same orders that were made on appeal in my own precedent case.

Since early 2019, the scheme operators have repeatedly used intimidation, including harassment and stalking, to dissuade me from speaking out and taking action in QCAT. More recently, since late 2020, they have engaged in blatant acts of revenge:

  • In early November 2020 one of the scheme operators, Brian McGuiness, made a malicious complaint, about the rear deck on my unit, to the Sunshine Coast Council.
  • On 18 December 2020, Brian McGuiness, filed a $50,000 defamation claim against me after he deliberately provoked a verbal confrontation.
  • On 24 December 2020, the scheme operators issued an unlawful Termination Notice to me.
  • On 8 February 2021, both scheme operators threatened to sue me for defamation over this web site.

This web site provides the results of my investigations in great detail, and includes a vast amount of documentary evidence.

You may contact me by selecting SITE HOME PAGE -> SITE INFORMATION -> CONTACT.

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